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Here at we pride ourselves on stocking the cheapest propane gas cylinders, butane bottles and patio gas in the UK.

  • 11kg Patio Gas Cylinder
    only £24.99

    11kg Patio Gas Cylinder

    was £29.99 SAVE 17%
  • 11kg Propane Gas Cylinder
    only £24.99

    11kg Propane Gas Cylinder

    was £35.99 SAVE 31%
  • 13kg Butane Gas Cylinder
    only £26.99

    13kg Butane Gas Cylinder

    was £33.95 SAVE 21%
  • 19kg Propane Gas Cylinder
    only £37.99

    19kg Propane Gas Cylinder

    was £49.99 SAVE 24%
  • 47kg Propane Gas Cylinder
    only £64.99

    47kg Propane Gas Cylinder

    was £75.99 SAVE 14%
  • Gasago Ultra-Light Cylinder (24.5L)
    only £28.99

    Gasago Ultra-Light Cylinder (24.5L)

    was £35.00 SAVE 17%

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